Join us in taking a look back at the projects Plymouth Dance has delivered to support professional development of local dance artists, practitioners, teachers, students, performers and other dance professionals.

There have been too many to talk about here, but here are just a few of the brilliant opportunities that have engaged and supported local, national and international dance professionals.


Project: Masterclasses and Training

Plymouth Dance has offered Masterclasses with: Alvin Ailey company, Alleyne Dance, Batsheva Ensemble, CandoCo, Exim Dance, Flexer and Sandiland, Hofesh Schechter Company, James Wilton, Josh Hawkins, Katie Green, Liz Lea, Levantes, Mbi Dickson, NDT2, Rambert, Rosemary Lee, Russell Maliphant, StopGap, Stuart Walters, Theo Clinkard, Yael Flexer and 2Faced Dance Company and many more!

Plymouth Dance also created training opportunities including: Dance and Dementia Training (led by Rosie Allen-Perdikeas), Dance & Education Skills Exchange with Jo Rhodes and Tom Hobden, Dance and Parkinson’s training in partnership with People Dancing (including sessions led by Clint Lutes and Dr. Sophia Hulbert), as well as First Aid, Safeguarding and more.

“Really enjoyable and refreshing workshop that challenge me creatively and physically, but encapsulated my focus. Found the workshop very beneficial and informative in relation to my own practice. Many thanks for the opportunity.” – Masterclass participant

“Took me to another world for an hour and a half, I escaped!”, “ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! It was just what I needed during the pandemic!” – Online Masterclass participants


Project: International Inclusive Dance Summer Intensives with Adam Benjamin (2017-2021)

Each year local, national and international participants came together for 6 days, allowing time for the group to develop deep listening and understanding working as an ensemble within an environment in which individual journeys could take shape and flourish. The intensives were designed to allow participants to recognise and identify areas for individual development be that creative, personal or performative, and the content was moulded around the individuals in in each cohort. A lot of dancing, laughter, improvisational skill development, as well as discussion, reflection and creating friendships.

“The entire week was rich with a deep understanding of inclusive work. It was a very memorable experience, one that has had a huge affect on my practice. It was a real privilege to work in such a diverse group of abilities and nationalities.” – 2019 participant

“The intensive was like a big eraser of any daily life-stress. To dance and be with the group makes me feel like a hollow body that was filled up with love. That must be the state of feeling [that] life should be about. Thank you all so much for this great, healthy experience!!” – 2018 participant


Project: Plymouth Youth Dance Company (2020-2021)

Plymouth Youth Dance Company provided an exciting stepping-stone from the existing youth dance offers in the city, to the regional Centre for Advanced Training, higher education and/or the National Youth Dance Company. the dancers, aged 14-18, worked with Charlotte Eatock to create a dance piece for local and regional platforms. The youth dancers also received mentoring from Jules Laville, Kane John Mills, Mariam Pourian, Laura Nightingale and June Gamble.


Project: Peninsula Dance Partnership

Hall For Cornwall, Plymouth Dance and Dance in Devon have worked closely since 2010 to proactively support freelance dance artists who live and/or work in Cornwall, Plymouth & Devon. Peninsula Dance Partnership (PDP) create a larger scale of activity and a higher profile for dance, strengthening its place in the Peninsula’s cultural programme. PDP delivers a programme that enriches creative communities, whilst inspiring and celebrating viable careers in dance and contributing to a creative and cultural region/country.

Since the coronavirus pandemic started in 2020, PDP has supported artists financially and professionally through providing 148 opportunities to South West artists (39 Plymouth based artists) including professional development bursaries, choreographic bursaries, business coaching and networking events.

“They [PDP] are supporting such a broad range of artists across career stages in so many ways, whilst continuing to build a beautiful local ecology where artists support and champion each other. Their dance card offering has really helped me and countless other artists in the South West to continue our dance practice at this moment. It’s been so joyous and warming to see so many artists (who are crucially at all different stages of careers) receiving support.” – Bursary Recipient

“I believe the opportunities provided by PDP gives artists living in the South West a real and tangible lifeline during uncertain times. I feel more connected and supported. The assistance offered will not only allow my practice to grow in the future but actually provides validation at a time when the arts, and subsequently individuals such a myself, are suffering immeasurably.” – Bursary Recipient

Plymouth Dance has also supported dancer professionals in the following ways:

– Volunteer Training Programme (2014 to 2022)
– Internships and Apprenticeships (2014 to 2019)
– 3 Tiered Membership Scheme (2016 to 2022)
– Providing lectures, workshops and one-to-one support to Dance students at Plymouth
– City College and University of Plymouth providing freelance contracts, commissions, studio space, mentoring, workshops and training


Articles written by Martha Scholefield [2022]
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