In June 2020 we conducted a survey to collate information relating to if/how people were dancing during Covid-19 Lockdown in Plymouth. Below are some highlighted statistics from the survey that have been slowly released over our social media platforms.
Following these findings, over the coming weeks we will be sharing a series of articles continuing to highlight the power of dance through lockdown, in which we will be sharing reflections from local artists and organisations on their work over the past year!


  • 34% of people were between 22 – 30 years of age
  • 51 of 59 people had Plymouth postcodes with the most common responses being PL1 (10 people).
  • 36% of people allocated themselves as a dance practitioner
  • 22% of people allocated themselves as someone who dances for pleasure. 
  • 84% of people said they are still dancing during lockdown mainly in their living room (56%), bedroom (40%) and kitchen (33%). 
  • The majority of people said they were engaging with pre-recorded dance classes (60%) and live classes via Zoom/Skype (46%). 
  • People have mainly been watching dance on YouTube (80%), Facebook (65%) and Instagram (49%). 



“I have mainly been teaching and as part of that I love to watch as much dance as possible for inspiration. With my dance students from colours academy in Ivybridge, we have been continuing our lessons via zoom and have been creating a short dance film based around the student’s thoughts and feelings surrounding lockdown. Through this we have watched various Dave films as inspiration, and compared love dance performance to dance in film.”
“It has been much easier now as most people are putting things up for a few days so it gives me the opportunity to view and join in at times that suit me. It’s also given me the chance to watch things I would have not been able to before and to take classes with other people all around the world and with different teachers. […] I’m sure that I have picked up some horrible habits which I will need to work on, but being able to rewatch and pause classes has helped me to work on other things. While I’m really looking forward to getting back into the studio, I really hope that there will still be some online classes or workshops when lockdown ends as I have enjoyed it but I guess that’s a big ask for teachers when they will be back to very busy studios.”
“Some days it feels so inspiring and fulfilling to be able to dance with other artists all over the country from my little living room. The new possibilities of learning from so many different people, and reconnecting with other dancers I haven’t seen in a while has been a really nice silver lining. Some days it’s really hard to find the motivation to dance another day in a tiny space, trying not to break anything in the house (or injure myself) […] The way the dance community has found ways to make opportunities accessible and affordable has been incredible! The way the Peninsula Dance Partnership specifically has come together and found ways to support artists that have lost almost all income has truly made it possible for me to continue working in the sector over this time so I’m SO grateful for that help thank you!”
“I’ve been using dance as a way to stay fit and feel better mentally, whether it’s improvising with my own music as it’s been hard to always access online classes that are live due to the times so have appreciated ones that are prerecorded or companies that have shared posts for inspirations to explore movement (words and texts). I’ve also looked at different disciplines such as yoga and pilates and the vast range of resources on youtube for learning different styles of movement and being inspired by artists, individuals and companies sharing work in that way.”

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