Plymouth Youth Dance Company Members

Introducing the six young dancers from Plymouth Youth Dance Company and two Plymouth Dance Volunteers working on this project as Rehearsal Director and Project Coordinator.



Caitlin is a student at Plymouth School of Creative Arts and currently attends Making Waves and Communities Together as a part of EXIM Dance Company. She is part of PYDC because she wants to gain a deeper understanding of the professional world of dance and give herself a great platform on which to build her future career.

Charlotte: Project Coordinator

Charlotte is in her final year of her BA(Hons)Dance Performance degree at City College Plymouth and is a teacher for some establishments across Plymouth. Charlotte has been a part of the PYDC project from the beginning of the process and is now looking at both arts administration and teaching as potential career paths once she has graduated.

Charmaine: Rehearsal Director

Charmaine is a student at City College Plymouth and is in her final year of her degree in BA(Hons)Dance Performance, as well as being a member of Company b. Charmaine is assisting with the project as she wants to broaden her knowledge of both teaching and choreography. She is hoping to go on to perform after she graduates.


Ella currently attends City College Plymouth and also dances at Hartley House, SWS Dance School, as well as being a member of the Barbican Theatre’s Company b. Ella wanted to be a part of PYDC to develop her Contemporary dance training and take advantage of performance opportunities and so, she wants to make this her career one day.


Esme is a City College Plymouth student who attends SJS dance academy, as well as being a member of Company b at Barbican Theatre, which has given her the opportunity to work with Chhaya Collective. She is excited to be part of PYDC as she is able to develop her dance skills further and it enables her to meet other dancers and learn from them.


Maddison is a student at Coombe Dean and currently attends Alison Sawle School of Dance for her dance training. Maddison wanted to be part of PYDC so she could broaden her skills and knowledge and step out of her comfort zone by working with other dancers outside of her dance school.


Sophie attends Coombe Dean School and dances with various schools and groups across the region including Hartley House, YDA CAT Exeter and EXIM. Sophie wanted to join PYDC as she felt the ambitions and style of this company reflected and her own and so she wanted to make a positive contribution to the future plans of the company.


Willow is a student at Devonport High School for Girls and currently attends Coppola School of Performing Arts, whilst also being part of her school’s dance club and Dance Leader course. Willow is excited to be part of PYDC as she wants to expand her knowledge of choreography and technique in addition to building on her dance opportunities in an area that she is passionate about.